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“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” - Winston Churchill

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Dubbies – Telemarketing & Lead Generation

Dubbies has more than 20 years’ experience delivering and managing b2b telemarketing, lead generation, customer service and associated telephone based campaigns.

However people choose to define telemarketing and lead generation; what is clear, is that it is not just a question of semantics. Dubbies believe there is a fundamental difference between the two; telemarketing in itself is a generalised term used to describe a range of activities, whereas lead generation is a definitive task that results in a qualified, confirmed sales opportunity. Although that said; whatever your objectives are from a telephone based service; the planning and execution should be the same, with the exception of the words of course!

Dubbies is a noun which comes from the film industry and is slang for a body double; dubbies are used interchangeably for cases where special skills are needed. If you are looking for a partner to augment your existing sales and marketing efforts on the telephone whilst protecting your brand and reputation, then pick up the telephone and speak to us.

Recommendations & Testimonials

I worked with Steve both at Sun Microsystems where he was Account Manager and also at SITEL Pinner where he was Ops Manager.
Steve was always a great team leader and motivator and had clear strategy to manage both expectations of clients and of the team he was leading.
This gave us all a great foundation to build a strong team that delivered higher than expected results.

Telemarketing Manager reporting to Steve at SITEL

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